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February 3–April 7, 2019
Howard Jones: RE:TOOLED


St. Louis artist Howard Jones transforms everyday tools and objects into works of art. “I have been very interested in everyday objects and tools, trying to create unexpected new uses for them in keeping with, but enlarging upon, their original purpose,” he says.

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Constructs of Meaning

February 15 - March 23, 2019

Howard Jones, Stefanie Kirkland, Belinda Lee, Benjamin Lowder & Ethan Meyer

Opening Reception
FRIDAY, February 15th
5PM to 8PM


For many creatives, art is not simply a means of expression but also functions as a strategy for making sense of the world around them. These constructs of meaning provide the artist with an insight that is subjective yet transcendental, appealing to the narrative of personal experience while also reaching out to grasp further understanding. The selected artists in this exhibition all achieve this in a variety of ways, from Belinda Lee's multi-layered paintings that convey complex systems to Benjamin Lowder's process of drawing awareness to the geometry of the natural world.


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