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Exhibition Details
Howard Jones: Think Rethink
August 25 - October 22, 2017
Opening reception: Friday, August 25, 6-8pm
Delmar Loop, 6640 Delmar Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63130  314.725.1177

Howard Jones, a St. Louis based artist, is obsessed with tools. But these are not your ordinary tools. Jones masterfully deconstructs and then recombines everyday handyman's tools, joining them with each other, creating objects imbued with fantasy. Paint brush hairs are replaced by sheets of glass, while bullet casings lose their deadly tips in favor of paint brush hairs of their own. By combining and re-presenting everyday household objects as unexpected yet sublime chimera, Jones engages in a witty dialogue with the viewer about functionality, purpose and imagination.

Howard Jones received a M.F.A. from Ohio University in 1983 after earning a B.A. at Kenyon College in 1976. Having taught at a number of universities, including Washington University in St. Louis, Jones went on to teach in and chair the Art Department of the John Burroughs School in Ladue, MO. In 2016 he received a Regional Arts Commission Artist’s Grant.

All items are for sale, please contact Stefanie Kirkland, Director of Exhibitions for purchase inquiries at

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